What our clients have achieved?

We work with the busiest professionals in Finland. Their job is to run successful companies, our job is to make sure they are fit, healthy and full of energy to do so.
CEO - Määttä Ltd

Kasperi Luoma

Kasper's initial goal was to get back in shape by exercising. Changes made to his diet helped him achieve results while also improving the quantity and quality of his physical activity. He achieved his goal, after which his new goal was to lose 20 kilograms of weight and increase muscle mass. Now that he has achieved that goal as well, his new objective is to increase strength and muscle mass while maintaining his overall well-being.

- Nicolas
Art lead - Rovio

Toni Kysenius

Toni's main goal was to achieve a strong and reliable body. As a result of an injury, his back pain had led to poor pelvic alignment. We overcame the pain in five months. As a coach, I have focused on building a strong foundation so that Toni has the best chance of success. In recent years, we have focused on improving body mobility, breathing, and strength.

- Veli-Pekka
Psychiatrist - HUS

Minna Mannerkoski

Minna joined the coaching program at just the right time. She was willing to make changes, and as her coach, my job was to support her in the process. We have progressed one step at a time, practicing progressively. Minna has been amazed at how easy the change has been, and she hasn't had to compromise on things like eating out at restaurants.

- Karolina

Development Director - Taaleri Ltd

Timo Metsälä

Timo's results have been achieved through simple changes. We made his eating habits more regular, balanced his meal sizes, added plenty of protein to his diet, and started strength training. In addition, Timon's overall activity level has increased significantly. His steps have gone from 4000 steps per day to 8000-10000 steps per day.


Managing Director - Success Clinic

Mika Teikari

Firstly Mika wanted to get help for his knee pain and get in better shape overall. Now the knee is better than ever, and strength levels are higher than before. Mika has reached his goals by following Performance Unit method and has made my coaching simple. 

- Antti

Head of Real Estate - Advium

Henrik Calton

Henrik's goal was to get in better shape, which meant more strength, less fat, and better overall fitness. Training 2-3 times a week has made Henrik stronger, and an improved understanding of nutrition and its effects has led to a decrease in fat mass. In addition, we have made significant improvements in sleep quality and stress management, which have tied all the results together.

- Matthys
Managing director - Parmatic

Sakari Putkonen

Sakari's main goal was to lose weight. We were able to achieve a weight loss of 15 kilograms in 8 months without diets. The biggest changes were made to his nutrition. We focused on the amount and quality of protein, and we also added more colors to his plate. Another significant change was increasing his overall activity levels. The most important aspect of creating sustainable results was making changes at a slow enough pace. 

- Karolina

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